Wear Pass – Excess Wear and Tear Plan

What is the Wear Pass?

You’ll get complete peace of mind for only $14-18 a month.*

Maximum Benefit


  • Official Product
  • Up to 1,000 excess kilometers.
  • Damaged, worn, or bald tires.
  • Damaged windshields.
  • Excess Wear and Tear charges for cracks, scratches, dents, dings, gouges, chips, damaged alloys, cuts, tears, stains and burn holes.**
  • Excess Wear and Tear charges for single items less than $1,000 each.**

Excess Wear and Tear Guidelines

Excess Wear and Tear Guideline at Ken Shaw Toyota in Toronto, Ontario
*Based on a typical lease term length, discuss with Ken Shaw Toyota the specific payment information related to your lease. **See the Excess Wear and Tear Partial Waiver addendum to the Lease Agreement for information and full limitations and exclusions. Review our Excess Wear and Tear Guidelines and Charges found on the Toyota Financial Services section of Toyota.ca Wear Pass is a trademark of Toyota Credit Canada Inc.