Toyota Genuine Dash Camera

Introducing the all-new Toyota Genuine Dash Camera available at Ken Shaw Toyota in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto's oldest Toyota dealership! When your vehicle’s ignition is turned on, the Dash Camera starts recording video, audio (if microphone is turned on) and location data. It has special video event recording modes to capture and protect important videos, and footage can be reviewed and saved to your smartphone or computer with the free app or accompanying software.


  • Infinite Loop Recording
  • Incident Recording
  • Parking Surveillance
  • Audio Switch
  • Interesting Event Recording
  • Adventure Mode

Recording Models Include:

The Infinite Loop

Continuous 1080p recording on an SD Card. Once card is full oldest files are automatically overwritten.

Adventure Mode

Manually protect up to an hour of footage at the highest quality video setting.

Interesting Event Recording

Automatically protect 12 seconds before and 8 seconds after an event.

Ken Shaw Toyota Genuine Dash Camera in Toronto, Ontario

Incident Recording

On impact detection, footage will automatically lock on SD Card for retrieval at a later time.

Parking Surveillance

The Dash Camera will record up to 60 seconds following an impact while parked.