In the interest of ensuring that we are competitive in today’s market, not only with other dealers but with independents, we recently conducted a price comparison with Mr. Lube.

Below you will find two invoices, one from Ken Shaw Toyota and the other from Mr. Lube. Both invoices are for RAV4’s that require the same oil and uses the same OEM filter. As you can see, Mr. Lube charged $105.90 compared to Ken Shaw Toyota's price of $95.84!!!!! It cost a whopping $10.06 more for the same service!!! Our service is done by Certified Toyota technicians, who are trained and specialized in caring for Toyota vehicles.

Other Interesting Points of Comparison.

-Mr. Lube charged a recycling free of $0.75 compared to Ken Shaw Toyota's $0.35

-Mr. Lube charged shop supplies in the amount of $3.99 compared to Ken Shaw Toyota's $0.00. Please note charging shop supplies is illegal in Ontario!

-Mr. Lube charged $18.99 for the OEM Toyota filter compared to Ken Shaw Toyota's $8.10.

Please note two things:

1.   Mr. Lube shows the Toyota part number and their charge is in addition to the filter that is included in their package price.

2.  Mr. Lube states that they follow the manufacturer's service recommendation, yet they are recommending the next service to be performed every 5000 kms. Toyota's service intervals are every 8000 kms and oil changes at every 16 000 kms for this vehicle. While it is unclear if they are recommending an oil change in 5000 kms, it's clear they are recommending the next service occur 3000 kms earlier than Toyota's recommendation.

As you can see Ken Shaw Toyota is not only competitive but we are significantly cheaper.

Ken Shaw Toyota Invoice

Total charge = $95.84

Mr. Lube Invoice

Total charge = $105.90