Frequently Asked Questions – Credit Challenged

Do I need a down payment?

Not at all. Although a down payment shows commitment to purchasing a vehicle, many of our lender partners have $0 down payment options available.

Can I have a low monthly payment with bad credit?

Of course! We have a huge selection of vehicles available in our inventory here at Ken Shaw Toyota. We will have no problem finding you a vehicle to accommodate your budget.

Is there any credit that is too bad to get approved?

No, here at Ken Shaw Toyota we have many lender partners available to us to accommodate any possible credit situation. We use these partnerships to get you the best possible rate based on your current credit situation.

What if I don’t work?

Having a job certainly provides a better chance for approval. However, you don’t have to have a job to get a car loan, all you need is some sort of provable income. This could be anything from permanent disability,  child or spousal support, pension, seasonal work or self employment.

What if I don’t have any credit at all?

We can still help. We have several different first-time buyer programs available to get your credit started.

How much can I get approved for?

Most banks will approve you for an amount based on your income. The more you make, the more you can get approved for.

What type of car loan can I get?

You will have access to the entire inventory at Ken Shaw Toyota. That’s a choice of over 200 vehicles of all different makes and models. If we don’t have what you want, we can always locate it through our various dealer partners.

With so many options why should I choose Ken Shaw Toyota?

We offer large inventory, DOOR TO DOOR service, quick and easy applications, excellent relationships with lenders, customize payment plans and options, onsite service and body shops, #1 volume.


Professionalism and transparency to say the least. We make sure you know about everything that pertains to your deal. We want lifetime customers here at Ken Shaw Toyota!