Toyota Financial Services at Ken Shaw Toyota

Count on Toyota Financial Services team at Ken Shaw Toyota to deliver the superior service and quality that you've come to know and expect from the Toyota family. Our promise to you includes fast credit approval, competitive rates, and flexible terms all presented to you in plain language with full disclosure contracts to provide you with all the information you need.


The decision to finance or lease a vehicle is often a matter of personal preference. You know that if you finance your vehicle, you own it and can enjoy all the benefits of ownership, but what about leasing? In order to help you decide which is best for you, here are a few things that you should know about leasing.

Leasing advantages:

  • Leasing typically provides for lower monthly payments and lower up-front costs than you would pay on a loan for the same vehicle
  • When you lease, you only pay tax on the monthly payment. When you finance, you pay taxes on the full purchase price of the vehicle
  • Leasing gives you choices at lease end:
    1. You may purchase the vehicle at the Lease End Value indicated on your contract
    2. You may return the vehicle as provided in your lease
    3. You may lease or finance another Toyota vehicle
  • Toyota Financial Services offers convenient financing and great rates should you choose to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease.

Leasing disadvantages:

  • You do not own the vehicle
  • Excess kilometre and wear and tear charges may apply
  • Lower monthly lease payments may result in higher carrying charges than a loan


When you park your Toyota in the driveway, you want the satisfaction of owning it and the confidence of knowing that it was made possible through the quality financial services that we provide. Financing from Toyota Financial Services will make it happen with:

Finance advantages

  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms of up to 72 months
  • Easy to read contracts that fully disclose all the details you need to know
  • Consumer-friendly, simple interest financing
  • Full or partial early repayments at any time without penalty
  • Convenient, automatic monthly payments through our Direct Payment Plan
  • The biweekly loan payment option enables you to make your vehicle payments every two weeks instead of on a monthly basis. See your Toyota Dealer for details.

Understanding Credit
What is Credit?

Unless you're paying cash for your Toyota upfront, the only way to take one home is to finance or lease it. Financing requires making monthly payments to pay for the purchase of the vehicle. Leasing involves paying for the use of the vehicle over time plus any lease charges. Not sure which is better for you? Check out our Buy or Lease? quiz. We also have a Buy vs. Lease matrix featured in this section that can help explain the differences between financing and leasing.

Much like every decision you make, there are pros and cons to consider before you actually apply for an extension of credit.

The Benefits of Good Credit

A good credit history can open many doors. Many big-ticket items (like cars) are purchased on credit. Using an extension of credit to purchase or lease a car, purchase a new home, or purchase anything else can be convenient, and in many cases to your advantage. An extension of credit is also commonly used to purchase everyday items such as groceries and that new jacket you've had your eye on.

The Costs

Credit is convenient, but it's not free. When creditors grant you an extension of credit, they give you financial flexibility. But there's a cost. Creditors charge a fee for that financial flexibility. Every creditor has a different way of charging you, too. So it's very important that you always review all the documents given to you and the terms of your credit extension before entering into an agreement with a creditor. Typically, the fees you are charged with include some form of interest.

Credit Tips

If you've read the above, you should have a basic understanding of what credit is, how it works, and why you need it. The goal now is to help your credit remain in good standing. So here are our top four tips for maintaining good credit:

Pay Your Bills on Time

Establish a process to make your payments well before the due date, so you can help avoid late fees and other possible charges. Also, make sure you have the money in your account - you can write a check or schedule an online payment, but if you don't have the cash, you won't be on time. Making payments on time is not only simple, it's one of the best things you can do for your credit score.

Be Proactive

There's a wealth of information out there on the Web and in the media that addresses issues that you may have with your credit and how to maintain good credit - use them! And be sure to periodically review your credit report for errors. If you issue a complaint, the bureau and your creditor must investigate it and correct or remove any information that isn't accurate.

Use Credit Wisely

Creating a budget (even a high-level one) will show you where your money is going - and this is powerful knowledge. Armed with this info, you'll find it's much easier to track outstanding debt and work toward paying it off.

Inform Your Creditors of an Address Change

Notify your creditors immediately when you move, so you can receive and pay bills on time.

Is your Lease about to end?

Normal wear and tear to a vehicle is to be expected. We can all relate to the occasional scratch and scuff however, kilometrage in excess of that specified on your lease agreement and/or damages exceeding normal wear and use may be chargeable to you upon the end of your lease. To help avoid any surprises and charges, review our Excess Wear and Tear Guidelines and Charges for examples of what is considered excess.

Toyota's Wear Pass

Leasing is for you!

Learn about the Toyota Lease Advantage. You’ll discover why leasing a new Toyota is a great decision, no matter where you are in life. Enjoy affordable payments, flexibility and convenience along with the legendary quality, dependability, and reliability you’ve come to expect.

Quality Has Its Rewards: Award-Winning Value

In 2015, the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) awarded seven Toyota vehicles for best residual value, given to vehicles that hold their value best by the end of their lease.
And when it comes to retained value, six Toyota vehicles took home Canadian Black Book Awards, given to vehicles that best hold their value when it’s time for a trade-in.

Leasing Made for Your Life: Flexible Options To Meet Your Needs

With available flexible lease-terms from 24-60 months, you can better plan for life’s changing needs. Get in a new vehicle for your new job or expanding family, while staying on top of the latest vehicle safety, fuel efficiency, and user-convenient technologies. Whether you’re a regular commuter or casual urbanite, Toyota also offers kilometre allowance options to fit your lifestyle and budget.Leasing over

Financing: Same Car. Same Term. Less Money.

Leasing can be the financially responsible thing to do, as leasing offers lower monthly payments versus financing, for the same car and term. In addition, leasing rarely requires a down payment, meaning no upfront tax on the entire value of the vehicle – just on the monthly payment. If you lease for a term that coincides with the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, repairs will always be covered.

Show up Sharp: Business Owners Can Benefit Too

Thinking of starting or already running your own business? Leasing may offer significant tax advantages in Canada to business owners. Check with your tax advisor to see if leasing benefits you. After all, you owe it to yourself to arrive to every meeting in style.

Peace of Mind: Convenient Vehicle Return Process

Leasing could be considered as a long-term test drive. And at the end of your lease avoid the hassle/pressure of selling your car on your own. You can either buy your vehicle out and keep it, or simply drop it off at the dealership and lease a new one*. With standard GAP Protection and the optional Toyota Wear Pass Plan, you’re protected against excess wear and tear you may incur that goes beyond normal everyday use**. Enjoy peace of mind when leasing, knowing you have options and you’re covered.