• The 2020 Toyota Supra will be featured in the next Fast and Furious film, based on photos posted to Instagram.
  • The orange-painted Supra Mk V seen in the photos pays tribute to the 1993 Toyota Supra Mk IV that the late Paul Walker drove in the original 2001 movie.
  • Also posted online is what appears to be a mid-engined, widebody Dodge Charger that will presumably be driven by Vin Diesel’s character in the upcoming Fast 9.

Anyone who grew up watching the Fast & Furious movies knows that certain cars will always be connected to the characters who drove them, like a vehicular spirit animal, if you will. While Brian O’Conner (a.k.a the Buster)—played by the late Paul Walker—was linked to multiple cars over the course of the series, it was the orange 1993 Toyota Supra that he drove in The Fast and the Furious (2001) that resonated the most.

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After Toyota resurrected the legendary nameplate for 2020, die-hard fans (including this author) couldn’t help wondering when it would reappear in the insanely lucrative street-racing franchise. Unsurprisingly, several orange-painted Supra Mk Vs have been spotted filming on the set of the upcoming Fast 9, which debuts on May 22, 2020.