Toyota completely redesigned this wildly popular small SUV with its 2019 RAV4 entry. In addition to an abundance of new technology and safety features, it can now go places no other RAV4 could ever go before. Let’s see what 2019 RAV4 can do.

Propelled by great looking styling combined with all-new technology and safety, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 is more popular than ever before. Sales for this small SUV were up 3.8% in June, marking a best-ever month for RAV4. This is partially due to the RAV4 Hybrid phenomenon sweeping the entire country. Everybody wants one. With all these incredible upgrades capturing the SUV spotlight, one of the most overlooked advances is in the all-wheel drive capabilities for 2019 RAV4. You will not even believe what it can do now.

Tell us what is new with all-wheel drive and the RAV4

Thanks to the new advanced Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, the all-new RAV4 is 57 percent more rigid than its 2018 predecessor. This ensures your new RAV will stand up to the test of uncertain terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Since we are on the subject of tackling challenging terrain, 2019 RAV4’s all-wheel drive system allows drivers to go places they never dreamed of with their previous generation RAV. Do not be afraid of steep-sloped hills with rocky ground. No need to fear loose sand and gravel while at the beach. Go for that long drive down that mountain trail. The 2019 Toyota RAV4 AWD has got your back.

Toyota’s all-wheel drive system can be found in several different forms throughout the 2019 RAV4 grade lineup.

If you choose the LE, the XLE or the XLE Premium levels, you will be equipped with an on-demand all-wheel drive system. This lets your vehicle operate primarily in front-wheel drive mode. That is, until the front wheels begin to lose traction like you find on slippery or wet roads. All-wheel drive engages and you now have all-wheel drive traction until you get through your slick spots. This is ideal because it applies the right grip when needed, but gives you optimal fuel mileage when not in use.

The Limited and Adventure trims feature a new system called Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-Wheel Drive. I like big buzzwords and this is certainly one of those. A buzzword, though, that talks the talk and walks the off-roading walk. Dynamic Torque will send up to 50 percent of the power to the rear wheels when necessary. The other beauty of this system is that as soon as traction is lost in any of the wheels, the system will apply extra torque to each of the individual slipping wheels. Even if this is just one wheel that has lost grip with the road. Now this is off-road efficiency.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Driveline Disconnect
Dynamic Torque Vectoring comes with a nifty system known as Driveline Disconnect. Yes, I know this term sounds like something when you are not paying attention anymore during your rush hour commute. The benefit to Driveline Disconnect is that if your RAV4 does not need all-wheel drive assistance, it will cease sending power to the rear wheels and allow you to operate in front-wheel drive mode. Optimal gas mileage achieved.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Multi-Terrain Select and what does it do?

2019 Toyota RAV4 Multi Terrain Select

Just like its larger Tacoma and 4Runner Toyota counterparts with their Multi-Terrain Select systems, the 2019 RAV4 AWD allows you to regulate and control wheel spin when driving on challenging terrain. You are the captain now, so to speak.

On gas models with AWD capabilities, Multi-Terrain Select gives drivers three different modes to choose from: mud and sand, snow, and rock and dirt. This specialized system adjusts engine throttle, the brakes and drive-force distribution to control wheel spin and help you keep control of your car.

As I mentioned, this 5th Generation 2019 Toyota RAV4 simply can do things that other RAV4’s have not been able to do. It may just be time to start planning that trip to the beach (actually I mean right on the beach now), to the mountains (no, I meant to straight up and over that uneven mountain path), and right through that barely marked trail that few have travelled let alone even heard of (yes, I did mean to say that).

Are you convinced it might be the time to check out a new 2019 Toyota RAV4? Do you plan on purchasing a front-wheel or all-wheel drive model? Better yet, if you own one now, tell us where you have already gone and where you are going next. That would make a great future story. Thank you in advance.