You no longer have to pay a premium to get modern tech in a Toyota.

Toyota no longer requires that you pay the premium for an Avalon to get modern smartphone integration in its cars. It just unveiled the 2019 Corolla Hatchback, whose standard trim includes an 8-inch touchscreen infortainment system with both Amazon Alexa voice control and Apple CarPlay. There’s no Android Auto, alas, but this still promises an affordable Toyota with cutting-edge voice and touch interfaces.

Naturally, there’s more. The new hatch is the first Toyota in North America to use the company’s latest Safety Sense hardware, including pre-collision alerts for cars and pedestrians, radar cruise control, lane keeping and automatic high beams. Spring for the upgraded XSE model instead of the base SE and you’ll get a 7-inch in-dash display that helps with navigation and car settings.

Toyota hasn’t divulged pricing for the Corolla Hatchback, but the car should go on sale in North America during the summer. The 2018 Corolla iM starts at $18,850 — we wouldn’t be shocked to see a higher sticker price for the Corolla Hatchback (automakers are fond of gradual increases), but that still means you’re likely to pay under $20,000. The only ones who get the short end of the stick may be Yaris buyers. Toyota just introduced the 2019 version of its entry-level sedan without any of the tech perks we just mentioned, so you’ll have to keep waiting if you want Alexa or CarPlay but can’t justify getting a Corolla.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback interior