This all-purpose car has always been a discreet and efficient career. And she does it with arguments that look like nothing but do everything.

As the recipe worked quite well for the Japanese manufacturer, there has never been any question of replacing the ingredients, but perhaps adding a little spice to the Corolla. Resist, or even impose themselves against the Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra, its two main competitors.

Every renewal of this flagship model is anything but easy. To please both Quebeckers and Californians is high-flying, because it is necessary to present an identifiable product without it being too original. The Corollas have long been a wall color, but it can be said that it has changed slowly since the ninth generation. The style is more assertive, but does not pour into any excess. The Corolla, of which 47,198 units were sold in Canada last year (which ranks third in its category), will not make a sensation on the streets. It is now recognizable by its grille, its more expressive front bumper and its fleeting headlights. These are the most visible changes in recent years. The rest gives an impression of déjà vu.

Fuel Economy
Its bodywork envelops a spacious interior and the Corolla is among the compact with the best clearance to the rear seats. The general presentation on the other hand does not give marvels. The assembly is correct, but several cheap plastics still decorate this little inspired interior. The driving position is not only easy to find, but it is also comfortable thanks to a comfortable tub. The main controls come handy (figuratively, of course) and are easy to spot. Visibility is no problem.

La Corolla is no exception, but its reputation, residual value and price / equipment ratio, among the best in the market, will respond perfectly to the needs of its loyal and numerous customers. The Corolla thus remains a perfectly reassuring car, with no obvious qualities or defects. What to comfort the buyer prudent.

WE love

High residual value

Bearing comfort

Proven Reliability


The Toyota Corolla 
Price range: from $ 16,390 to $ 21,490

Thruster: gasoline

Bodywork offered: 4 doors

Drive Mode: Traction