The new facility will be located near its Plano, Texas US headquarters.

Toyota’s new headquarters in Texas is going to be even bigger than we expected. A new report reveals that the company is building a race track, a car museum, and other facilities on a newly acquired parcel of land near its Plano campus.

According to Dallas News, Toyota purchased 75 acres of farmland in Denton County, the municipality that includes Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano. The new land will be developed in to a ranch-style property that includes the aforementioned race track, stables, a car museum, Japanese gardens, fishing ponds, and guest housing.

International companies such as Toyota typically have employees, business partners and clients traveling back and for to various headquarters located around the world. The ranch would be used for housing for such visitors, and presumably for hosting press and testing vehicles on the course as well.

The report goes on to say that Toyota executives met with local residents to ally fears that their new neighbors would be hooning cars day and night at the facility. The track, which appears to b already completed, has a perimeter fence and is deep enough into the property that residents say they haven’t been bothered by the noise. Most in fact felt that it would be better for the region than a dense McMansion complex that has claimed other farmland in the area.