New Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 Ready to Come in 2018

The joint projects will offer a range of excellent vehicles for customers

The new Toyota Supra is in final stages of its development. It is now said that it will provide the basis of a newly created and designed Toyota performance sub brand.

There have been multiple sightings in which a number of cars mostly styled coupes were seen being tested on the roads these days. These cars have been spotted mostly around the R&D operation of Toyota’s project partner BMW in Munich, Germany.

The latest Supra is manufactured through the joint venture of BMW Z5 which is soon to be launched by the company as well, according to AutoCar.

This project is aiming to resurrect one of the most famous performance models of Toyota which is Supra. This model is in market from the past 14 years. It was introduced for the first time in the year 1978.

This upcoming fifth generation Supra was actually first previewed by a pair of Toyota FT-1 concepts which was designed by company’s Calty Design Research Studio in California. It was for the first time unveiled in the Detroit Motor Show in 2014.

The new Supra is supposed to reach the showrooms of UK in the latter half of 2018. This car will be offered in petrol and diesel engine as per the previous versions. Other than this the hybrid version is supposed to come as well which is the highlight of this model.

The new Supra has been given a crisper and smoother design if overall look is seen. The new Supra will be a two seater and will have a boot space similar to that of current Porsche 718 Cayman.

The Supra will be sold with fixed roof coupe. Toyota and BMW both will use lightweight materials in the construction of Z5 and Supra making them lighter.