Toyota’s Tacoma and Tundra edge out the GM, Ford, and Ram truck loyalty ratings.

An new analysis by Edmunds puts Toyota ahead of rivals Ford, Ram, and GM when it comes to pickup truck loyalty ratings. Truck loyalty ratings are at an all-time high since Edmunds began to track the ratings in 2005. Truck loyalty is as high as 75 percent.

Vehicle loyalty is defined by Edmunds as the percentage of owners who trade in a vehicle and then stay with that same brand or model. Truck loyalty runs as high as 75%. The next most loyal segment, vans, is way behind at about 52% SUVs are less than 50% at about 47. Sr. Analyst Ivan Drury commented on pickup truck’s high loyalty rating, saying, “Truck owners are especially passionate about their vehicles, most likely because trucks offer hauling and cargo capabilities that you just cannot find in any other vehicle segment.” Drury went on to say, “Today’s trucks are particularly appealing because manufacturers pack them with more luxury and technology features than ever before. These options just weren’t available on trucks in years past. It also doesn’t hurt that today’s low gas prices make truck ownership much more economical than just a few years ago.”

Edmunds says that the Tacoma has a trade-n loyalty of as much as 75%. It ranks Toyota overall at 70% for trucks. The group says GM’s Chevy trucks have a rating of 69.6% and Ram comes in at 68.1%.