Coming to Paris from last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota FCV Plus Concept is all about the future.

The first thing noticeable is the Jetsons-inspired body, but unlike the flying cars from the popular cartoon, this study touches the pavement with small wheels, cruising almost silently thanks to a fuel-cell powertrain and four independent in-wheel motors.

Since hydrogen is the fuel of choice for setting the Toyota FCV Plus in motion, water is the only emission, but unlike other similar vehicles, this study can also generate electricity from the hydrogen stored outside, in addition to its own tank, and it can therefore be used as a stable source of electric power.

Besides allowing users to put hydrogen to use in order to power their home, the FCV Plus can also be integrated into the local infrastructure, when it’s not used for transport, thus sharing its energy with the community.

There’s no doubt that some of these technologies will be common sometime in the future, but until then, those interested in hydrogen-powered cars made by Toyota willave to settle with the Mirai, which carries a $57,500 starting price in the United States.