We expected to see the new Toyota Supra hitting the Nurburgring from the moment we saw a test mule at BMW M’s nearby test center.

There is a slim chance for this car to be the hardtop version of the BMW Z5, but the camouflaged rear end reminds us too much of the 2014 FT-1 concept to bet on the Z5 Coupe theory.

One thing that’s for sure is the driver of the Supra tester didn’t want people with cameras to capture the sound of the powertrain, approaching the corners while being off throttle and denying us a first taste of what’s coming.

As we said before, the most believable report says that Toyota is developing a hybrid powertrain with a turbo V6 engine and a combined output of 400hp for the new range-topping Supra. Turbocharged four-pots are expected to power the more affordable versions of the new Supra.

We’ll have to wait first for BMW to launch the new Z5 in mid-2017 and then about a year for Toyota to reveal their new sports car to the world.