Latest rumors claim that a new Toyota Supra, the successor to the big car is in the works. The new model if it goes into production might feature a twin turbo V6 engine according to a new update.

While the rumor has been circulating for a long time, Toyota took very little steps to deny them. It further fueled the fact that they are indeed interested in pushing the Supra lineup forward with a brand new model. They revealed a FT-1 concept which is like two years old now. The company has also tied up with BMW which further strengthens these claims.


According to an official announcement, it is also confirmed that Toyota has tied with BMW under a new partnership programs. The two best automobile manufacturers are coming together to deliver a new car, which could probably be the Supra enhanced by technologies provided by BMW. Some random testing mules were already spotted in the road.

When all these bits and pieces of information are put together, it easily leads to the new one where the Supra Lexus might be powered by a twin turbocharged V6 engine. It has also been reported by one of the leading automobile magazine in Australia. The engine, if we are to go by what rumors say, will be able to deliver up to 400 horsepower coupled with an amazing 300 lb feet of torque. The powers are exceptionally well and can easily satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyer of them all.

The information should be taken with a pinch of salt because Toyota has not confirmed it yet. However, it does make sense that a Lexus with a V6 engine would make a decent entry into the market. It will also be an ideal fit when it comes to delivering the best of fuel efficiency and to comply with the strict emission regulations.

Toyota has so far never produced a turbo V6 engine in their own factory. This should probably be the first time they are going to go at it. Tuning and tweaking a V6 engine requires a lot of in-house talent the which is what the automobile brand is aiming to achieve with the new Toyota Supra Lexus. While we have much information to process, we can confirm them all only when the company makes an official announcement. It could probably be in one of the upcoming auto expos this year or the next.