Here’s More Proof That the Toyota Supra is Coming Back

Toyota has made another move that points towards the launch of a new Supra. 

The Japanese brand has trademarked the name Supra in Europe for use on an automobile. Back in 2014, Toyota also trademarked the name Supra in the United States, hinting that the brand is getting ready to use it again.

It is well known that Toyota and BMW are working together on a joint sports car project that will eventually bear the new BMW Z4/Z5 and a new Toyota sports car which will almost assuredly be called the Supra.

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Toyota’s new sports machine will take its styling cues from the FT-1 Concept (seen above), while under the hood there might be a BMW engine providing power. Toyota is also rumored to be providing some type of hybrid technology, but the details on the car’s powertrain are still wrapped up tight.