It’s the news you’ve been waiting for – the 2016 Toyota Sienna now has an available built-in on-board vacuum! That’s right; there are no more collecting quarters to use a gas station vacuum. Instead, you have a vacuum right there in the back of your  Toyota minivan! This sounds too good to be true right? Well it’s not!

Keep your Toyota Sienna cleaner than ever!

Your  Toyota minivan is a magnet for messes. Your kids bring in dirt, clay and sand. Their snacks leave crumbs in every nook and cranny. Four-legged family members shed and leave their own messes. How nice would it be to be able to clean it up with lugging around an industrial vacuum? Now you can! Whether you already own a new Toyota Sienna or you’re thinking about purchasing one, you can have an optional vacuum installed. What’s the best part? The SV1000 is affordable. This on-board vacuum is has an MSRP of just $499! What’s the cost of cleanliness? It’s priceless!

The SV1000 is stowed in a compartment in the rear cargo area of the Toyota Sienna. It’s easily put away and out of the way, in case you need the space! It’s easily retrievable and easy to use.

Are you interested in knowing more about this convenient and helpful device? Toyota dealership has everything you need to know!

  • The on-board vacuum, the SV1000, is available in any trim level of the Toyota Sienna. This puts the Toyota minivan above the Honda Odyssey, because their on-board vacuum is only available in two trim levels.
  • The SV1000 is a dry vacuum! It’s great for picking up dirt and crumbs, but shouldn’t be used for any liquid messes like spills or stains.
  • The hose reaches the ENTIRE vehicle. From it’s compartment in the back cargo area of the minivan, the vacuum hose can reach all the way up to the front seats for any messes that may be up there.
  • The vacuum can be powered by the engine or the battery. In fact, even if the  Toyota minivan is off, the vacuum can be used for ten minutes. This timed usage is to prevent your car battery from getting drained!

In addition, the SV1000 comes with THREE different attachments. These brushes allow you to get into smaller areas where messes may be hiding. No crumbs will be safe in any crevices.