Imagine driving and shooting nine vehicles over 18,000 miles in 110 days, passing through 33 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces. Producer Paul Barranco and his Fluid Films team did just that for the Toyota Ever Better Expedition, exposing vehicles to extreme temperatures and terrain.

Toyota will use findings from the endurance test to enhance auto performance and durability, and footage from the journey will provide raw material for the carmaker’s TV commercials.

“It was the ultimate test drive,” Barranco says. “They wanted their cars in as many environments as possible.”

To provide the depth of field and the nimbleness required of the cameras, Barranco and team used three Sony FS7s equipped with prime lenses and 30 GoPros to cover every angle.

Keeping the equipment functioning in punishing temperatures was important, but crew safety was Barranco’s top priority — including making sure everyone was well hydrated, and had the right clothing for diverse conditions.

“We had a guy in a dogsled taking his shoes off because he couldn’t feel his feet,” Barranco says. “That’s dangerous when it’s minus-20.”