Photo: Picture 2 - Toyota reveals RAV4 Sapphire Hybrid

While the Toyota C-HR headlined the automaker’s display at the Geneva Motor Show, it also showed off with less fanfare the RAV4 Sapphire Hybrid.

Photo: Picture 7 - Toyota reveals RAV4 Sapphire Hybrid

It’s not billed as a production vehicle, but Toyota has stated that it showcases some changes that may soon be available on the production RAV4. The differences appear to be an effort to make the RAV4 look more upscale. In Europe, a vehicle of this class is much larger than the typical vehicle and is considered to be more upmarket than it would be in the US.

The first thing to catch the eye is a new dark blue color that extends all the way to the side sills. It’s a departure from current RAV4 vehicles, which have a wisp of black plastic cladding hugging the wheelbase. There’s an added sliver of chrome trim, which boasts a Hybrid badge.

The grille, too, receives some chrome trim, while 20-inch black alloys complete the exterior. The theme continues on the interior, which boasts new piano black trim and bright “hybrid blue” vents. The attractive, diamond-quilted leather upholstery is already available on European RAV4 models.

Toyota says that the RAV4 Sapphire Hybrid has been put out there to gauge customer reaction, though a full-body color RAV4 is already in the works. There was no word about whether these options would come to the US