Thomas Olsen, 46, is the owner of Cycle Butik in Etobicoke, and while he’s passionate about bikes, he also loves transportation of the four-wheeled variety. He is the proud owner of a 2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited.

When did Thomas first buy his car?

Thomas’s lease was up on his Subaru Outback last year when he set out to find a replacement vehicle. He’d narrowed his search down to two finalists; the Acura MDX and the Toyota 4Runner, which he eventually settled upon because there weren’t too many of them on the road.

What does he love about it?

“It’s kind of beefy but it’s not overly big,” says Thomas. “It’s got a little bit of attitude. But it also has class and refinement. You can ride it in a suit and you can ride it in your jeans and still feel good.” Thomas says he loves the fact he can take the vehicle anywhere and always feels safe and secure. “It just sort of rolls. It’s easy riding.” He admits the vehicle is bad on gas and doesn’t have good highway pickup, but the pros for him far outweigh the cons. The 4Runner has also been quite the hit with his sons, aged 17 and 21. “They both love the vehicle,” he adds.

Where does Thomas drive his car?

Thomas says the Toyota is easy to drive and park in the city, but most of his driving happens on longer road trips outside of the GTA. He does a lot of camping and canoeing in the summer and tries to ski most winter weekends, so the 4Runner has been the perfect complement to his active lifestyle. He’ll soon be taking it on a road trip to Quebec City, Montreal and the Eastern Townships for a ski holiday.

How has it changed his life?

Thomas says he’s had a variety of vehicles over the past 25 years — from a Neon, to a Golf GTI to the 16-year-old Porsche 911 he still owns — but he finally feels like he’s met his match with the 4Runner. “It is my favourite car I’ve ever had,” he says, adding he never has to worry about unnecessary repairs anymore. “With Toyota, you just know they have such good reliability. It feels comfortable. It’s so strong.”