The new Toyota Prius is a pretty good new car. But is it good enough to make a getaway car for four inept bank robbers who parked their original getaway ride in a tow zone? That’s what Toyota would like you to believe anyway.

In this ad, which aired during Super Bowl 50, four bank robbers — three of whom are played by Chris Bauer, Pablo Schreiber, and James Ransone, three members of the Sobotka family from The Wire — struggle to find a getaway vehicle, considering an Uber before deciding to steal a new Toyota Prius (and leaving a bag of cash for the owner). The police give chase, with the cops and perps poking fun at common perceptions of the car, mentioning farmer’s markets and how it shouldn’t really be hard for the cops to chase down baddies in a Prius.

This is the second Super Bowl ad we’ve seen for the Prius this year. The first was inexplicable and awful, so it’s nice to see Toyota get it right with this self-aware, tongue-in-cheek piece.