One cannot argue with the Toyota Prius’ success in the car market. Since its initial debut, car buyers have gone ga-ga over the Prius’ fuel economy and green features, never mind that its styling had been a long-running butt of jokes and its driving feel often compared to watching paint dry. But the 2016 Prius stood out as one of last year’s most improved new releases for many auto reviewers, because it improved on its main selling point while getting a much-needed and much-welcome style revamp.

The Toyota Prius, which has long reigned as the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the world, is now capable of 54 mpg in city driving conditions, an improvement over the 2015 model’s 51 mpg. That was mainly facilitated by weight reductions and improved hybrid motor technology. And while some may argue that the Prius’ class-leading fuel economy isn’t such a big selling point anymore with gas prices so low these days, some reviewers did say that that doesn’t matter to Prius loyalists – they want a car that can last the long haul, on top of one that saves at the pump and definitely on top of one that looks nice and stylish.

Speaking of style, that’s been the first thing apparent with the 2016 Toyota Prius. Instead of the awkward design language of old, the new Prius looks much sportier and more aggressive. It has a lower nose and a more elegant roofline, and its headlight, grille, and taillight design are noticeably flashier. Inside, the 2016 Prius has a redesigned cockpit, with its infotainment display now at the center of the dash instead of right in front of the steering wheel. This remains a bit polarizing, but Toyota still deserves to be commended for daring to be different.

So with 2015 over and 2016 only close to a month old as of this writing, we can agree the 2016 Prius really deserves to be recognized as one of the most improved, if not THE most improved cars out there.