We Used to Operate in Darkness

You as the consumer would have to go to multiple dealerships and compare dozens of vehicle in order to form any opinion of the market place. Even then, at best that method was probably less than 10% accurate. From the dealership prospective we also operated in darkness. We would price our vehicles based on our cost and look at things like “average profit per vehicle” regardless of make, model or equipment. We let large investments sit for a seemingly endless amount of time on our lot until we either met our profit goal or the vehicle would become so stale that consumers and sales staff alike would simply walk right by it until we either sold it at a significant loss or it was taken to an auction.

Then Came The Internet

Consumers could view our dealership inventory and compare us against our competitors. This certainly helped in comparisons but websites only tell part of the story. Now the next technological advancement has taken place and have the ability to compare our vehicles against our competitors and truly compare apples to apples, right down to the minute features of each vehicle, even colour.

Ken Shaw Toyota's Philosophy

To provide the best experience to our consumers. Our sales staff has been retrained and are now called Product Advisors. Our prices are priced to sell from day one on the market and are compared against like minded vehicles to insure a quick turnaround of our investment. No longer do we price our vehicles against an average, we now price them against the best VALUED vehicles on the market.

What Does This Mean for You?

For starters, there should be no need to haggle or spend valuable time discussing price. You already know the price. We price our vehicles on our website. Our Product Advisors are more than happy to show you everything we know and tell you the “story” behind each vehicle. Any accidents? Service history? Comparable’s in the market? Where did the vehicle come from? We have it all. Less time. Better pricing. Better experience.